David Clayton – Artist

My father was an artist. Riding in a car with him as a child, he would call my attention to a magnificent sunset, “If you were to paint that sunset exactly as we see it, nobody would be convinced that it is real.”  As an artist, it is this understanding of visual reality that interests me and that I explore though the media. Much of my work is inspired by nature’s attributes – a stream, a bird, the moon….. From these recognizable images in the natural world I depart, exploiting shapes, lines, color, values, and textures creating visual complexity.  The original image yields to the abstract, solutions are sought to create unity, and the work becomes a reality of its own. It is my hope that through the variety and contrast in my work interest will be created with the viewer, much in the same way that the incredible visual variety in the natural world demands our attention.

If you are interested in any of the works or you have any questions I can be reached at 828-448-4268 or email me at